Services for the Professions & Business

Lancaster University Law School takes seriously its "third mission" - to make the benefits of its scholarship and expertise available to the world outside the university, and particularly to business and to the legal profession.

The School's third mission activities take two main forms: professional development and training, and facilitating consultancy.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

The School offers training to the solicitor's profession qualifying for CPD hours. For further information about our CPD courses for solicitors, please contact Mike Doupé. We can also arrange to provide bespoke CPD sessions for individual firms or syndicates, if required.

Tailored training for business

The School can offer tailored training sessions for your business, whether you want "straight" legal training (eg, understanding data protection law, or the Freedom of Information Act, or e-commerce or product liability law) or courses that employ advanced theoretical perspectives to help your managers gain a deeper understanding of how the law does (and doesn't) affect their projects and transactions (eg, learning about relational contract theory and how it can help in setting up large and/or complex and/or long-term co-operative relationships to maximise stability and success and minimise the likelihood of conflict and breakdown). Whatever you are looking for, we can tailor a course to your needs and deliver it at the university or elsewhere. Unlike commercial training firms, we regard training as part of our mission as an educational institution and price courses on the basis of economic cost - not on the basis of how much we can get away with. If you would like to discuss your business's training needs further, please contact David Milman.

Consultancy/Commissioned Research/Partnerships

Some members of the School are willing to undertake consultancy work or commissioned research for business, and/or to develop "partnership" arrangements. When undertaken through the University, the University is able to assist with contracts and other aspects, and provides indemnity cover where appropriate. The initial approach should be made direct to the appropriate academic. Please see the summary of staff interests and then click on the relevant name to see fuller information, including contact details.

Please note that if consultancy or other work is undertaken on an independent basis (ie, if you contract directly with the academic concerned, without the involvement of the University), then neither the School nor the University accept any liability whatever, including but not restricted to liability in negligence, in respect of the advice or information given.