3 July 2017
Dr Charlotte Barlow has been awarded an N8 Catalyst Small Grant for the project 'Police Officer Responses to Coercive Control'.

This project (awarded £23,830.04) seeks to understand police officers’ responses to coercive control by engaging in partnership working between Lancaster University (Principal Investigator, Dr Charlotte Barlow), University of Liverpool (Co-Investigator, Professor Sandra Walklate) and Merseyside Police, with Women's Aid supporting the project in an advisory capacity.By working with a collective of academic, policing and voluntary sector partners/ advisors, this project emphasises co-production of knowledge and enables the expertise of the higher education sector to be utilised for practical impact. The project involves three stages, the first being a quantitative analysis of police domestic abuse and coercive control statistics, stage two will involve a qualitative analysis of a selection of coercive control case files and the final stage will involve the development of a coercive control 'learning tool', to be disseminated to all N8 policing partners.