Dissertation Titles

Our LLM students undertake dissertations in a variety of areas. A selection of recent dissertation titles can be seen below.

Human Rights and Civil Liberties

  • Human Rights Abuses of Muslim Women.
  • Are raising the standards of human rights and promoting the respect for international humanitarian law contradictory or complementary objectives for International intervention in post-conflict situations?
  • Human rights, companies and international institutions in the context of globalization.
  • Possible punitive measures that could be taken against those who commit human right abuses
  • International HR law to alleviate poverty as a critical factor in making poverty reduction effective and sustainable
  • The Human Right to Food as a fundamental right: The case of food politicisation in Zimbabwe
  • Is extensive use of the powers of stop and search an infringement of civil liberties or a legitimate stratagem in controlling crime?
  • Counter Terrorism, Sate Security & Civil Liberties: A Critical study with special reference to developments since 9/11
  • Children and Poverty
  • Refugees and Internally displaced peoples

EU Law

  • The External Competences of the European Communities and the European Union
  • The EU constitution, UK parliamentary sovereignty and foreign policy
  • EU: Should the free movement of goods take a backseat to Environmental protection?
  • The legal thinking of the security of paying online in EC law
  • EC Antitrust Modernisation: Which Challenges? For Whom?
  • Achieving 'a high common level of consumer protection' in Europe through EU Consumer Policy: The case of maximum and minimum harmonization and European Contract Law
  • Free movement of goods in the European Union

International Law

  • The Internationalisation of Competition Law (antitrust law)
  • Is International Law workable in theory and Unworkable in Practice?
  • The Key to the Central Asia for International Trade
  • The role of international law in promoting order and justice in sub-Saharan Africa, with the intension of looking at the challenges facing the African Union as the new regional body taking over from the Organisation of African Unity and especially the African Court of Human of Human Rights and the proposed Africa Court of Justice.
  • International HR law to alleviate poverty as a critical factor in making poverty reduction effective and sustainable
  • Analysis of the role the NGSs played in the former Yugoslavia conflict focusing on their missions, their objectives and particularly on the role they played in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

Corporate Law and Governance

  • An Examination of Shareholder Verses Stakeholder Argument in Relation to Corporate Governance
  • Non-Executive Director is an important element in the Anglo-American corporate legal system
  • The application of "Non-executive directors" system in China and its future
  • The protection of minority shareholders
  • What are the arguments for and against 'stakeholder theory'? Examine several arguments for and against the theory
  • Compare and contrast the Corporate Governance system of a least two countries
  • Critically examine the legal and governance restrains on excessive executive director remuneration from the perspective of corporate governance
  • The Protection of Minority Shareholders' Rights: Remedies to Unfair Prejudice and Premises for Bringing Proceedings
  • Transnational Merger and Acquisition
  • Transplantation of Corporate Legal regimes: Does it promote better corporate governance?
  • Regulatory Networks: Role of Law and the Future of Developing States?
  • Global strategies against high level corruption

Environmental Law

  • Environment and trade
  • International Environmental law: Climate change (and sustainable development) and the need to protect the atmosphere

Terrorism and War

  • Guantanamo Bay: legal status, jurisdiction, detainees
  • Terrorism and the media
  • The problems surrounding the definition of terrorism
  • The way war is presented and discuss issues in relation to a definition of terrorism - the benefits that a universal definition would bring - whether a universal definition is possible
  • Financing Terrorism/IRA