Kate Hunter

1st year, full-time PhD student, Law

Who you are and what you are doing?

Kate Hunter, first year PhD student. My PhD is in the area of contract law, but with a particular focus upon legal history.

What qualifications you have? (degree, masters)

LL.B. degree

Why are you doing a PhD?

I hope to have a career in academia, and so a PhD was a natural progression after completing my undergraduate studies.

Why did you choose Lancaster?

I completed my undergraduate degree at Lancaster and was impressed by the quality of teaching as well as the supportive environment within The Law School and so continuing here was an obvious choice for me.

What is PhD study like?

Very different from undergrad! Given the nature of a PhD, and the amount of research involved, there is a lot of independent study which requires you to be motivated, but there are lots of opportunities to meet other PhD students, both from The Law School and from other disciplines, at academic and social events, which makes the transition easier.

What is The Law School like?

There are a number of postgraduate students from a range of different backgrounds and so the atmosphere within The Law School is very supportive. Other PhD students are always willing to help you out and as are staff. Given the range of research that goes on in The Law School, it has been extremely helpful to draw on the range of expertise available to assist with my own research – staff have been only too willing to assist with this.

What is in your average day?

I have tried as far as possible to treat my PhD like a normal 9-5 job. However my days are a lot more varied. I undertake teaching on undergraduate modules, in Contract and Tort Law, and so some days I will be preparing for seminars, or other days I will be teaching. The rest of my time within The Law School is spent on research for my thesis. There have also been several opportunities for me to get involved with extra ‘CV-boosting’ activities within The Law School, such as arranging a series of seminars in which postgraduates can meet and present their research to one another.

Would you recommend Lancaster and The Law School?

Absolutely. I had a great experience with The Law School as an undergraduate and my experience at postgraduate level has been equally rewarding. One thing that I think makes Lancaster Law School stand out from others is the friendly and supportive atmosphere amongst both postgraduate students and staff. Whether it be help with research, or assistance with marking, there is always someone who is willing to lend a hand and doors are always open for a friendly chat should you need it.