Funded Research

Realise your ambitions for business growth through funded R&D with a world-leading university

Register your interest now to be one of an exclusive group of over 80 ambitious North West businesses to benefit from an intensive three-year programme of funded research and development (R&D) with Lancaster University. The value of the support on offer is up to £100,000.

Shorter-term funded projects, internships, product development, technology assessment and guidance, consultancy, innovation workshops, and a wide range of other projects and facilities for businesses of all sizes are also available.

Why register interest?

1. Gain resources and time to develop innovative new products, processes and services for your competitive advantage

Each successful business will be matched with an appropriately skilled graduate with a background in environmental science, engineering, chemistry, computing, communications, maths, physics, or statistics, to take your research idea forward full time and explore it intensively over three years. Each graduate researcher will be fully supported and supervised by leading researchers, further extending your R&D capacity.

2. Access extensive, fully-equipped research and development workshops and laboratories worth over £45 million

Facilities available for use by businesses through collaborative research projects include:

  • Cyber-security laboratories
  • Dilution refrigerators for the lowest temperature testing in the world
  • High-resolution mass spectroscopy for environmental chemistry
  • Additive manufacturing facility used from concept product development through to full manufacturing lifecycle management
  • New £4m class 100 and class 1000 clean rooms equipped with devices for electron-beam, lithography machine, photolithography, plasma processing, thin-film deposition, scanning electron and probe microscopy
  • Over £7m  new chemistry facilities through our Collaborative Technology Access Programme, including nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

All our facilities are supported by teams of experienced technicians. We also have office space and hot desks available.

3. Break barriers to innovation and explore commercial opportunities through significantly funded three year R&D projects

Funding support available for businesses will be up to £100,000. Businesses will be asked to contribute up to £5,500 per year towards the costs of their researcher.

4. Gain a trusted partner with a track record of successful industry collaboration

As over 5000 businesses have already discovered, partnering with us is a reliable, time-efficient way of tapping into our huge resources and academic expertise to achieve success. Lancaster University is ranked top 10 for interactions with SMEs by government and has over £18m worth of activity with businesses in science and technology alone.


There is a rolling call for projects starting from March-July 2016. The majority of collaborative projects will start in October 2016. There will be a competitive process to select the best business projects.

“If you have a clearly defined project already, you can register online in minutes, and one of our team will contact you. If you have an idea or challenge you want to talk through or need us to help scope the project for, or want to find out more about our other funded activities, please contact me.”

Sarah Mills, Operations Manager, Lancaster University.