Students stand in a field near Keswick

Local Field Excursions, Earth and Environmental Science

Our surroundings allow us to give you a regular hands-on experience of a wide range of environmental, ecological and geological situations in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and Morecambe Bay.

The exact field excursions available to you is dependent upon your scheme of study.


Kingsdale, Yorkshire

Discover evidence of past climates during this afternoon field excursion to Kingsdale in Yorkshire as part of the first year Environmental Processes and Systems module. As part of the trip, you will develop your field and observation skills, which you’ll have the opportunity to put to use as part of a self-guided field trail later in the year.

White Scar Caves

As part of the first year Hydrology: Water in the Environment module, you will have the opportunity to visit White Scar Caves in North Yorkshire. As part of the field trip, you will measure water flow, soil and rock properties will be taken, as well as note other visual observations.

Blackpool Zoo

As part of our first year Biodiversity and Conservation module, you have the opportunity to visit the zoo at nearby Blackpool to learn about conservation efforts, why species should be preserved and how conservation priorities are determined. This module also includes a trip to sites of special conservation interest in the Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which is just North of Lancaster.

Heysham Head

Unravel the geologic history of nearby Heysham Head and apply the Earth science field techniques you will have previously learnt during a second-year visit as part of the Geoscience in Practice module.


Nearby to our main campus is our very own weather monitoring station! Those taking our second-year Atmospheric Science course get to visit Hazelrigg to make their own observations of weather conditions with the instruments in our meteorological enclosure. Additionally, those taking our third-year module on Global Change and the Earth System will have the opportunity to visit this field station to study the radiative balance of the atmosphere.

Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

Learn about the history of carbon emissions as a result of industrial activity as part of our third year Global Change and the Earth System module. During a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, you will discover the links between fossil fuels, the industrial revolution and their impacts on our climate.

Lancaster Wastewater Treatment Works

Learn first-hand how and why wastewater is treated before being released into the environment during a trip to the local wastewater treatment works during our third year Water Resources Management module. You will have previously learnt about wastewater treatment processes in lectures, and this field trip enables you to see these processes in action.