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Highly Relevant

Highly Relevant is a blog written by those of us in the library working in the broad area of Research Support. We have job titles like ‘librarian’, ‘repository manager’, ‘digital archivist’, ‘research system administrator’ and ‘open access manager’.

We’re aiming to share the projects we’re working on, service developments, and thoughts on all things highly relevant to research support in the academic library sector. Expect to see posts on topics such as (but not limited to): open access, scholarly communication, academic impact, research data management and digital preservation.

Research Bites

Research Bites are short, informal sessions aimed at the research community at Lancaster University, which includes postgraduates, research students and staff. The aim is to deliver useful information, start discussions and answer questions for the benefit of anyone conducting or supporting research at Lancaster University.

Visit and follow the Research Bites blog for updates on upcoming sessions, occasional write-ups from sessions and links to recordings. Relevant comments are welcome on this blog. 

For more on Library support for research at Lancaster University, see our Information for Researchers.  


Other Blogs

Details of other blogs with recurring contributions from Lancaster University Library staff can be found here:

DMA Online

DMAOnline is a Jisc funded project by Lancaster University, with support from University of LincolnUniversity of Nottingham, and University of Birmingham, and University of St. Andrews as part of the Research Data Spring initiative.


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