Collection Development Policy

This policy describes how the Library develops collections that are relevant to research, learning and teaching.  Its scope does not extend to Library Special Collections, which will be covered by a separate policy. It will be reviewed and updated every 2 years.

The mission of the Library is to provide high quality services in support of the University's research, teaching, learning and engagement activities. The mission is underpinned by the following principles.

  • Information - To satisfy the information needs of all staff and students of the University, whether in the Library building, elsewhere on campus, or beyond; and to play a key role in developing and supporting information literacy across the institution.
  • Delivery - To acquire, manage, preserve and deliver information resources in the most appropriate format and by the most effective means.
  • Collaboration - To collaborate within the institution and beyond in researching and developing information services, resources and technologies.
  • Outside Services - To provide, where license arrangements permit, access to information resources for the wider community of researchers, including alumni, retired members of staff who remain active scholars, and the public.