Exhibitions and Events Policy

The Library space offers a number of options for exhibitions, displays and events.

For more traditional exhibitions there are display cases which can be supplemented by display boards. These are primarily intended to showcase Library's Unique and Distinctive Collections.

The Library Refurbishment Project, completed in 2016, opened up and enhanced an exceptional 1960s cast concrete stairwell close to the Library entrance. This space has been used successfully for exhibitions and associated activities. The area also houses the innovative MagicBox, which combines the traditional display case with digital interaction capabilities (page turning, 3D models, image and video galleries).

Last reviewed: January 2018


  • Policy and guidelines

    The Exhibitions, displays and events policy is fully aligned to the principles of The Library towards 2020

    The aims and objectives of the Exhibition, displays and events policy are:

    • to support the University’s strategic priorities of research, teaching and engagement
    • to expose and promote engagement with library collections
    • to raise the profile of the Library as a high-quality, innovative and attractive academic space
    • to showcase the achievements, creativity and research of staff, students and alumni of the University
    • to develop partnerships across the University with academic departments, professional services and the Students’ Union
    • to develop partnerships with external individuals and organisations
    • to encourage and support student curation
    • to develop innovative and digitally driven exhibitions
    • to support and promote the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Vision
  • Proposals for exhibitions and displays
    • All requests will be considered within the framework of the aims and objectives of the Exhibitions, displays and events policy
    • Political, campaigning, commercial or fundraising themes or activities will not usually be considered
  • Proposals for activities and events

    The core function of the Library building is to provide a serious, academic study space for staff, students and researchers. The study spaces are not an appropriate venue for general events. Proposals for activities and events may therefore only be considered subject to the following criteria:

    • Anything liable to cause disturbance to users of the Library may only be considered for times when there is very low occupancy and at non-critical points of the academic session
    • The Library venue should be of particular relevance to the proposed activity or event. Examples might include
      • activities or events connected with an exhibition in the Library building (e.g. an exhibition launch or photography session)
      • wellbeing promotions intended to support students during periods of intensive study
      • activities or events linked with Library collections

    Final decisions about the appropriateness of exhibitions, displays or events rest with the Director of Service. The policy will be reviewed every two years or if there are significant changes to the Library environment.

    Please contact us with any enquiries or proposals for exhibitions, displays or events.