Tab Content: Give us your feedback

You can provide feedback...

  • In person at the Information Points in the Library and Learning Zone
  • By phone on +44 (0)1524 592516
  • By emailing
  • By filling out a comments card in the Library
  • Or via Twitter or Facebook

Academic staff at Lancaster can also provide feedback via their Departmental Library Representative.

How we gather feedback

In addition to all of the channels listed above, the Library gathers feedback through student forums and learning and teaching committees, as well as through the use of surveys.

The surveys we use to inform our services include;


The National Student Survey (NSS)

The Lancaster Student Experience Survey

Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)

Details of the most recent results of these surveys and how we have responded will be added to our website soon.

Tab Content: How we act on your feedback

How we respond to your feedback

If you would like a personal response to your feedback, please let us know how you would like to be contacted. The Library will respond to all feedback within seven working days. 

By submitting feedback on Library services you agree to the Library sharing both your feedback and the Library’s response on our website. Names of individuals will not be shared, but information such as year or area of study may be shared if relevant.

Acting on your feedback

Your feedback directly informs the development of our services and the Library environment. Our feedback blog details the latest improvements we've made as a result of your feedback, as well as responses to individual enquiries.

Tab Content: If things go wrong

Appealing against a fine or other charges 

If you believe you have been fined unfairly or if you wish to discuss circumstances which you feel should mitigate a fine or charge, please ask at the Information Point to speak to a senior member of staff as soon as possible, or phone +44 (0) 1524 592516 or email

Please see also the Fines and Charges page for information on the formal appeals procedure.


We value the feedback that you provide and will use it to help inform improvements to the services we offer. If you are unhappy with how your feedback has been dealt with, or have a complaint about any aspect of our service, please get in touch.

Guidance on making a complaint is provided by the University’s student complaint procedure, which recommends that in the first instance you contact the individual most directly relevant to your concern or the Head of Service.

Informal complaints can be directed to:

The Director of Library Services
Lancaster University Library