Learning Spaces

The Library has been designed to provide a high quality, serious academic study environment. There is a wide choice of space for individual study, and all workspaces are equipped with power for personal devices.

For collaborative study there are bookable Group Study Spaces on each floor, designed for 4, 6 or 8 people. The larger rooms are equipped with interactive technology for practising presentations.

Collaborative work should take place in these acoustically separated spaces. For more informal and conversational collaboration, you are encouraged to take advantage of the facilities in the Learning Zone.

The design of the Library was developed in collaboration with the students and staff of the University, whose preference was overwhelmingly for a quiet and serious study space. Please join us in helping to keep the building a pleasant place, conducive to study.

  • Keep it academic: only use resources for studying and academic work
  • Keep it quiet and considerate: respect the silent zones, and be mindful in quiet zones that the person next to you is working hard
  • Keep it fair: don’t monopolise study spaces. If you leave the Library take all your belongings away so your place is available for another user
  • Keep it pleasant: snacks and drinks are okay but hot food and alcohol is not permitted
  • Keep it clean: bin your litter and leave the space tidy for the next person
  • Keep it green : recycle your litter and paper in the bins provided, and turn off lamps when you go away