Diversifying the Library collection

This initiative, launched in early 2019, is a collaboration with the Students' Union in support of campus-wide initiatives to decolonise the curriculum.

The Library always welcomes recommendations for purchase. This campaign encourages suggestions for titles that will diversify the collection so that it is truly inclusive and representative of our University community.

Ian Meeks, the SU Vice-President for Education (2018-19), wrote in February 2019:

'I approached the library late last year with the idea of having a project that looked into adding a more diverse range of books (both content and author) in the library. This is based on some of the work already underway with the ‘Why is My Curriculum White?’ campaign. Racheal Alake is driving the campaign this year, building on the work of previous officers, such as Sofia Akel and Maab Saifeldin, and from conversations with students across campus. I am thrilled that the library have started this project in collaboration with the Students’ Union and cannot wait to see how it progresses as the year goes on.'

See what we have purchased so far, including recommendations for reading around the topics of diversification and decolonisation in library collections.

Make a recommendation using our Request a Resource service and let us know how your suggestions will help to diversify the collections.

You can also browse the stand of books near the tree on A Floor of the Library.