Family Friendly Study Area

A family friendly study space has been created in the University Library.

This new initiative will enable staff and students on campus with young children to access the library to study while their children also have access to their own mini-library.

The idea for a family-friendly space has been made possible by the generosity of the University Pre-School Centre, who have donated a range of new books from trolls and dinosaurs to Shakespeare and the solar system. By donating the books, the Pre-School Centre is aiming to promote literacy and to support students on campus with young children.

Adele Stewart, Pre-School Centre Manager, explains that 'the original idea’ for the donation actually stemmed from a conversation with her daughter (an Undergrad here at Lancaster), who had mentioned seeing a parent trying to occupy her own children whilst accessing the Library; ‘After giving this more thought, a potential opportunity was identified to improve the experience for all Library users and to provide opportunities for the children improve their literacy by having access to their own mini library. I am delighted that working with you we have been able to achieve this.'

So if you are studying in the Library, head for the corner opposite the Work In Progress Space on the South Spine. The little ones can explore the treasures of the book box whilst you study right by them.