Community Card Membership

Terms and conditions of membership

  1. All persons admitted as Community Card Members must complete a registration form and sign a declaration that they will abide by the Rules of the Library when registering in the Library. There is no charge when joining.
  2. Registration is normally for one year, but may be renewed in subsequent years.
  3. The replacement charge for a lost or damaged library card is £5.
  4. Alumni Borrowers may have on loan up to ten books at a time. Other Community Members may borrow up to six books at a time. All loans are subject to being recalled. Items deemed lost will incur charges.
  5. 3 and 24 hour loans, the interlending service and the facility to recall items from other users are not available for SCONUL and other Community Members.
  6. Monthly account statements and other notices such as book recalls will be sent by email to all Community Members. The University is not responsible for the non-delivery of emails to non-Lancaster University email addresses.
  7. Community Members are not eligible to access the Library's electronic resources that are non Open Access. Alumni may access some online resources remotely - there is more information on the Alumni page. There are some freely available research resources that can be accessed by visitors using their own device.
  8. Community Members are not eligible to use Library PCs, networked printers or scanners.
  9. Community Members can be anybody over 16 years of age who are not already members of Lancaster University Library.