Lost Books

Managing Your Account

  • As a Library member, you are responsible for Library items that have been borrowed on your account until you return these on the Library system using self-service machines.

  • You can monitor your loans by logging on to your OneSearch account. Additionally, you will receive a monthly e-mail statement from the Library detailing all your current loans, and when these are due back.


  • When a book or other loan on your account is recalled by somebody else, you will receive an email letting you know about the recall, and the change of due date. Find out what happens when your recalled Library loan becomes overdue.

Overdue, Lost and Damaged Items

  • If your Library loans (Books, Journals, DVDs, Pamphlets) become overdue after your course or membership completion, a charge of £20 per item will apply. You will need to pay this at the end of your academic study or contract. If payment is not made promptly via the Library Circulation system (OneSearch), it will be added on to your University Debt.

  • If you believe that you have returned your borrowed Library items, and these are still showing up on your account, please get in touch with the Library staff by email: library@lancaster.ac.uk. We will thoroughly search for the item/s in the Library, and if found, we will remove these from your account. If we cannot locate the books/items, you will still be charged.

  • If a Library book gets damaged whilst it is on loan to you, a charge of £20 per item will apply as above.

Replacement Copies

  • We are unable to accept replacement copies for any lost or damaged items.


  • We will not be able to process any refunds if borrowed and lost items have been found at a later stage.

Laptop Loans

  • We charge £1 per hour (or part hour) fines on laptops that are returned late, up to maximum of £20 per laptop loan.