Accessibility & Facilities in the Building


  • Finding your way around the Library building

    The Library Entrance is in the South-West corner of Alexandra Square. There is a sloped access and a push-button automatic door.

    The building has 4 floors with a lift near the main entrance going to floors A, B and C. The lift near the toilets serves the Lower Ground, B and C floor.

    If you would like a personal introduction to using the Library please contact Fiona Rhodes. Fiona will also discuss any issues you might encounter when using the Library.

  • Fire and emergency procedures

    Fire and emergency procedures

    If the fire alarm goes off:

    • Leave the building as quickly as possible via the nearest exit.
    • Lifts must not be used.
    • If you are dependent on the use of a lift you should go to the nearest enclosed staircase.
    • Please make University Security aware that you are in an enclosed stair case and need assistance leaving the building. The Evac-chair (a specially designed wheelchair to transport disabled persons downstairs) will then be deployed should there be an indication of a genuine fire.
    • If you cannot hear alarms there are pagers at the Library Reception Desk which you can borrow. These will vibrate if the fire alarms sound.
  • Facilities


    • The toilet blocks are located in the South-East corner of each floor, near the lift.
    • There is a toilet suitable for wheelchair users on each floor.
    • All the toilets are gender neutral.

    Drinking water

    There are drinking water taps on each floor, near the lift.


    There are bins throughout the building for paper, newspapers & magazines, food/drink cans & plastic bottles and general waste.

    There is a coffee cup recycling station on A Floor near the staircase at the entrance.