We send you emails to help you manage your library account. Please check them carefully.

Communications from the Library, in accordance with official University policy, will be sent to your University email address.

You'll need to check this regularly. If you choose to forward your University email to another account please note that the Library cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery to a non-Lancaster University email address.

If you are an external borrower, emails will be sent to the email address you have supplied.

Monthly account statement

This has Your Library Account - Monthly Statement in the subject line. It will be emailed to you on the 2nd of every month - it lists the books you have on loan and their due dates, as well as any outstanding fines. Please check it carefully so you know which books need returning or renewing. Overdue and recalled books are highlighted.

Recall email for requested books

This has Your Library book - Recall and/or Change of due date in the subject line.

If somebody requests an item you have on loan you will receive an email giving a recall due date by which the item should be returned. This may be earlier than the original due date and supersedes it. If the item is already overdue or is due back within the next 7 days (14 days in vacation), the original due date will remain unchanged.

Please see Requests and Recalls for more information on the recall process.