Referencing Guides

When you produce a piece of academic writing such as an assignment, a dissertation, thesis, or journal article, you draw information from a wide range of sources.

This strengthens your argument and provides evidence for the points you want to make. Your sources must be acknowledged by citing them in the text and listing them in a list of references at the end of your work. Acknowledging the work of others in your writing is good academic practice because it shows the breadth of your research, allows the reader to consult your sources and verify your data, and helps to avoid plagiarism.

Referencing styles can vary depending on the discipline and the department here at Lancaster. You should consult your module handbook for guidance on any department-specific referencing requirements.


Library resources in Study and Research Skills

The Library holds a range of material on good academic practice including referencing. This Subject Guide on Study and Research Skills will provide a good starting point as to some of the titles available. Alternatively, search OneSearch to explore our full collection of resources.