Assistive Equipment

All PCs in the Library have access to Text Help Read and Write gold using AppsAnywhere:

  • Study support Room 181 has a PC with screen reading software: JAWS 10 and a book scanner with optical character recognition (OCR)
  •  Study Support Room 180 has a Humanware Prodigi desk top which will scan, enlarge and read out text. A Prodigi user guide is available.
  •  Height Adjustable tables can be found throughout the Library. If you require assistance adjusting the table please ask a member of staff

For further information about the assistive equipment please contact Fiona Rhodes

The following assistive materials are also available. Please ask at the Information Point if you would like to use any of them.

  • Coloured overlays which can help with reading
  • Wrist rests to help you use your PC comfortably
  • Magnification sheets to help read text
  • Book rests to hold your book at a convenient angle