Introduction to Thesis Deposit

All research postgraduate students registered from October 2011 are required to deposit one printed copy and one electronic copy of their thesis.

Students who enrolled before October 2011 are not required to archive an electronic copy of their thesis, but are invited to do so. 

Making research theses openly accessible aims to make them more discoverable and easier to access.  Researchers will disseminate their work to a wider audience which will enhance the visibility of the researcher as well as the research reputation of Lancaster University. 

The following sections provide full details on what you need to do and the various aspects of the process. Please read through each section before following the instructions on depositing your thesis. If you need help with any aspect of the process please contact us.

Thesis Deposit Instructions: This section contains instructions for depositing your thesis in Pure (current students only) and information for students registered before October 2011.

Format: Details of how to format your thesis.  

Copyright: Details of what you need to do if you are including third party copyright material in your thesis.

Embargoes: Information on the options for restricting access to your thesis for a limited period of time.

Information for supervisors: Advice for supervisors on issues students may wish to discuss.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions - A summary of commonly asked questions relating to thesis deposit. 


Lancaster University Thesis Regulations

You can find the full official Lancaster University regulations on theses in the latest edition of the Manual of Academic Regulations and Procedures (MARP). You should use the version of MARP in force at the time when you registered.