Teaching Staff

In addition to providing access to resources for the teaching here at Lancaster, the Library also provides a range of other services to support the teaching activities of staff. 

Explore the Library's services to support you in your teaching role. For information about the ways in which the Library can support your research, see our Information for Researchers page. 

Library Services for Teaching Staff

Find key contacts in the Library.

Resource Lists

Resource Lists is the Library's electronic system that links your students to essential and recommended course reading. 

Teaching and Learning

The Library delivered over 190 hours of teaching in 2015. Discover how the Teaching and Learning Team can work with you to embed information skills sessions in your modules.

CLA Higher Education Licence

How to comply with our CLA Licence when creating digital course materials.

Copyright for Teaching

Including how to add materials to Moodle legally, considering copyright when adding images to Powerpoint presentations or showing films in lectures.

Interlending and Document Supply

Request books, articles, conference papers and other items through our Interlending and Document Supply service.

Library Digitisation Service

Request scanned copies of print originals (book extracts and journal articles) for your students through our Digitisation Service

Streaming Media for Teaching

Discover our two streaming media collections  - Box of Broadcasts and Kanopy - and how they can be used in your teaching and Moodle sites