Copyright gives legal protection to the owners (eg authors, publishers) of certain types of creative works by allowing them to exploit their works and control their use for a limited period of time. 

These pages aim to help students and staff to stay within the law when using copyright material. Copyright is a complex subject so this guide does not aim to cover every aspect; if it does not help you with your particular question then please contact the Copyright Officer

The contents of these web pages are for information purposes only, to help you understand copyright law and your legal obligations. They are not, nor are intended to be, legal advice.

Copyright Basics

What works are protected, how long copyright lasts and how the rights owner can control the exploitation of their work

Personal Copying – learning and research

Including third party copyright material in your thesis, text and data mining, and copying for disable people

Copying for Teaching

Including how to add materials to Moodle legally and considering copyright when adding images to Powerpoint presentations or showing films in lectures.