Information for staff

The Learning Development team can advise module and programme teams on embedding the teaching of academic skills within the curriculum.

During the period of remote study, Learning Development are continuing to support students with academic writing, maths and stats, English language and managing effective study, especially during times of challenge and change. For information about our online workshops, one-to-ones and other activities go to the Learning Development website or contact one of the team.

The team will collaborate with you on the planning, delivery and review of bespoke sessions subject to our Code of Practice. Contact your Faculty Learning Developer to find out more.

Learning Development Provision and Code of Practice


We develop students as independent and effective learners. We work in a variety of ways, listed below.

We teach academic skills, for example: academic reading and writing, English language, mathematics and statistics, critical thinking, exam preparation.

  1. We collaborate with academics to deliver bespoke module or programme-specific academic skills development for all students, including distance learners. (See guidelines for collaboration below).
  2. We act as consultants on incorporating academic skills development into curriculum, module and materials design.
  3. We offer Faculty-based and online one-to-ones and drop-ins for all students engaging in developing their academic skills.
  4. We offer one-to-one tutorial support for referred students.
  5. We offer standalone and/or series of workshops covering specific skill areas, for example English language and Mathematics.
  6. We contribute to institution-wide initiatives and working groups on themes relevant to Learning Development, for example: widening participation, assessment and feedback, transition, international student experience, graduate attributes.
  7. We train and manage student mentors, teaching assistants and tutors who we employ in our mentoring schemes and other initiatives.
  8. We engage with students, academic colleagues and ISS trainers to develop and improve our range of interactive online resources.
  9. We continuously evaluate our provision and innovate in response to evolving student needs and institutional requirements.
  10. We liaise and collaborate with other Professional Services staff who support students, such as the Faculty Librarians, the Counselling and Wellbeing team, the Disability Service and the Success and Outreach teams.
  11. We collaborate and share resources with Learning Development colleagues in the International Teaching Partnerships.

Code of practice for working collaboratively on bespoke teaching sessions

  1. Joint responsibility: We are available to co-teach bespoke module-specific academic skills sessions, through a process of joint planning, delivery and review.
  2. Timeliness: We need plenty of notice for teaching a bespoke session, especially when this is new or delivered online. For sessions delivered in the Michaelmas Term, we require advance notice in July.
  3. Access to relevant information: We require access to relevant Moodle sites and selected samples of student writing as part of planning a bespoke session.
  4. Review and evaluation: We need access to student and staff feedback in order to continuously review and evaluate our offering, ensuring that it meets the evolving student needs.
  5. Sustainability: We work hard to balance new demand with existing committments. This works through subject staff sometimes taking on individual responsibility for a session that has previously been taught collaboratively.

Nel Boswood

Learning Development Manager