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MASH (Maths and Stats Hub)

Welcome to MASH

At Lancaster University, we provide a proactive, tailored, inclusive, and timely delivered service, which meets diverse students’ needs in maths support. We aim at advancing undergraduate students’ knowledge and skills, improving their academic performance, confidence and preparedness for the workplace.

The MASH Team provides

  • coherent and targeted support for students lacking numeracy skills and/or confidence in this area of their study.
  • learning development activities aligned with evolving university and national strategy.
  • consultancy advice and training on inclusive teaching of maths and stats within the context of the discipline.
  • a range of activities embedded into the course delivery and closely integrated within the teaching process.

Our activities include:

  • One-to-one / small group tutorials
  • Maths/Stats Drop-ins
  • Workshops covering A level Maths
  • Themed maths/stats workshops
  • Workshops embedded into course delivery
  • Maths Boot Camps
  • Co-teaching sessions
  • Diagnostic tests

Listen to a welcome message from the MASH Hub Co-ordinator.

All our activities, including resources and information on how to book a tutorial, can be accessed through the Faculty MASH Moodle pages

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

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