Meet the MASH Team

Anna Karapiperi

Learning Developer, MASH Co-ordinator (Maths & Stats)

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Location: B297, B Floor, Library Building

I am one of the Maths Learning Developers and the Coordinator of the Maths and Stats Hub (MASH) at Lancaster University. My aim is to help students realize their potential and maximize their achievements in mathematics and statistics.

I coordinate activities (one-to-one sessions, drop-ins, small group sessions, workshops, maths boot camps) targeted at students who want to develop their maths and stats skills. Furthermore, I run workshops to help students without an A-level Maths qualification to develop essential maths and stats skills, and I offer workshops open to all undergraduate LU students to help them develop their learning strategies in maths and stats.

Academic tutors, departmental coordinators, lecturers, or Student and Education Services can refer students to me and together we will design a study plan tailored to their needs.

Anna Karapipieri

Lefteris Kastis

Learning Developer (Maths and Stats, FHM & FST)

Email: mash

Location: A32, A Floor, Science and Technology Building

I am the Maths & Stats Learning Developer in FST and FHM at Lancaster University. My aim is to help students to identify their strengths, to explore and to build on their existing skills in maths and stats, so they feel confident and progress their learning.

My role involves co-ordinating activities of MASH, including module specific and general maths skills workshops. Moreover, I run individual activities, such as one-to-one sessions and drop-ins.

Helen Berrington

Learning Developer (Maths & Stats - LUMS)

Email: mash

I am the Learning Developer for Mathematics and Statistics in LUMS. My goal is to assist students in LUMS in achieving their full potential by helping develop their skills in Mathematics and Statistics. My role involves co-ordinating activities of the Maths and Stats Hub (MASH) in LUMS, including one-to-one sessions, drop-ins, small group sessions and workshops.

Part-time MASH tutors

Trained Teaching Assistants support the activities of the MASH team