10 January 2018
We know from your feedback that most people love the Library building. We also know that certain things can spoil your experience of studying here

Loud conversations, space hogging and mess are unpopular study practices pinpointed in student feedback. Oh, and not being able to find a study space to begin with.

So the Library has partnered with the Students' Union to bring you the student-led Considerate Working Campaign. Current students have written the messages, and the visuals have been designed by Tiffany Budiman, the Students’ Union graphic design intern. Tiffany's eye-catching designs will be appearing on e-screens, banners and posters around the Library and on social media.

How can we help you?

  • We've put in 136 extra study spaces since the Summer, including a brand new silent study area at the end of the atrium on A Floor.
  • If you need help finding a space, just ask. Staff will be walking around checking for empty spaces (and watching out for space-hoggers!), and we'll be very happy to help you find a place to work.
  • Did you know that if nobody has turned up within ten minutes of a booking slot, you can go ahead and use the group work room?
  • If you're being disturbed, just message us on the noisy neighbour app on the website and iLancaster, and we'll be along to help.

How can you help?

  • Please respect the zone you're in.

People can expect to study in silence on C Floor, the Reading Room, the Postgraduate Study Area and the new study area on A Floor.

For people who prefer quiet, work-related conversation, then B Floor is the place.

For group work, please book one of the group work spaces in the Library or Learning Zone.

For more informal, conversational group work, please head over to the open spaces of the Learning Zone.

  • Please respect the staff - if we ask you to be quiet, it's so that other students won't be disturbed.
  • Please clear up and bin your litter when you leave.
  • if you're going away for more than 20 minutes, take your stuff. A comfort and snack break is fine, but it's not fair to hog a space for longer than that.