12 March 2019
'Data Conversations' is a series of informal and inclusive events for researchers from all disciplines and career stages to share their experiences of collecting, managing and sharing research data

Data Conversations have three main aims: Firstly, to engage researchers by giving them a platform to present their “data stories” and learn from their peers. Secondly, to facilitate cross-disciplinary research by bringing people from different backgrounds together, and thirdly, to set the foundations for a cultural shift by embedding effective Research Data Management best practice at early career or postgraduate student level.

Data Conversations has been a success story so far. We have organised seven events with increasing attendance numbers. Our most recent event on Monday 18th February, looked at developing data driven research projects. How we work to ensure that research data are well managed through the whole lifecycle and leveraged to their full potential. The event sold out a month before the event and on the day, lightening talks and conversations were interesting and insightful! 

The presenters at this event were all Lancaster research students:

Irene Kyomunhangi - The Beyond Garki Project - from the field to data analysis

Mathew Gillings - Investigating deception in an interdisciplinary context: pitfalls and opportunities

Andressa Rodrigues Gomide - Open data in developing countries: challenges and advances

Craig Jones - Organic development in the research process: overcoming problems through 'Going with the flow'

Joshua Sendall explains that owing to its success, several academic libraries in the United Kingdom and Europe have contacted us or attended an event in person to explore whether the popular Lancaster University Data Conversations model can be emulated at their institution. For example, Dr. Maria (Marques de Barros) Cruz, RDM Community Manager, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam travelled from the Netherlands specifically to attend the most recent event, and has produced an insightful blog, Building Connections Through Data Conversations At Lancaster University

Data Conversations will return in Michaelmas term. 

To find out more about Data Conversations, contact Josh Sendall (Research Data Manager).