30 January 2019
The Library has arranged a trial access to this database until 22 March

Human Rights Studies Online is a research database providing comprehensive, comparative documentation, analysis, and interpretation of major human rights violations and atrocity crimes worldwide from 1900 to 2010. Upon completion, the collection will include 75,000 pages of text and 150 hours of video that give voice to the countless victims of human rights crimes in the 20th and early 21st centuries.

The collection provides primary and secondary materials across multiple media formats and content types for each selected event, including Armenia, the Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Darfur, and more than thirty additional subjects.

Resources for each topic guide users through the full scope of the event, from the historical context that made such violations possible through the international response, prosecution of perpetrators, and steps toward rebuilding.


Access is available at: http://search.alexanderstreet.com/huri


Further details can be found at: https://alexanderstreet.com/products/human-rights-studies-online

Feedback is welcomed on the trial and can be sent to Faculty Librarian Caroline Gibson via academicliaison@lancaster.ac.uk