6 August 2019
To help you discover new nanotechnology literature faster and easier, the library is currently trialling Nano, a comprehensive database for nanotechnology by Nature Research.

Nano allows you to refine search results using nano-specific filters, and to evaluate article relevance beyond title and abstract (e.g. quick insights from full text highlight content related to your search input). New articles are added on a daily basis with a lag time of 2-5 working days from the published date.

With Nano you benefit from the largest collection of manually curated nanomaterial data. It includes detailed descriptions of hundreds of thousands of different nanomaterials and devices, their physical, chemical and biological properties, potential uses and the various methods by which they are prepared.

Nano helps scientists to stay on top of important research results and R&D output, and spend less time searching for articles and data related to nanotechnology.

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