Depositing an article

Pure Research Information System

Lancaster University's PURE Research Information System is a repository that aims to capture and preserve the intellectual output of Lancaster University and make it freely available over the Web.

Data in PURE is being used to produce staff profiles and other research-related information such as publications metadata and full text, project information etc.

Please deposit metadata of all publications into PURE as soon as it is available (by adding a publication to PURE using the templates provided you are automatically adding metadata that describes the journal or conference paper).

In line with Lancaster University Open Access Policy and to be eligible for the post-2014 REF you must use PURE to deposit the Author Accepted Manuscript (see document versions explained) of journal articles and published conference proceedings as soon as they have been accepted by the publisher.

Other Repositories

In addition to depositing in PURE you can choose to deposit in a subject based repository such as Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC), SSOAR or CiteSeer. By depositing in such repositories, you are placing your research paper next to those of your peers at other universities and research institutes. Other researchers will be able to find your article when searching the web, as all repositories are indexed by the major search engines.

Open access repositories can be located using the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) and Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) services.


You can download Pure user guides to help you use PURE.

If you still have problems accessing or using PURE please email

Lancaster Open Access Policy