Open Access Checklist

Checklist for complying with Lancaster University's Open Access Policy

To ensure you understand what is required and what support is available:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Lancaster University Open Access Policy and Lancaster University Research Data Management Policy.
  2. Refer to guidance provided on Open Access, Research Data Management - old page archived and Pure Support pages
  3. Request guidance and support for Open Access, Research Data Management and Pure.

When selecting an outlet for publication:

  1. Consider which publications will maximise the impact of your research. Research Intelligence.
  2. Check whether the publication complies with your funder's policy using SHERPA/FACT.
  3. Address associated research data storage and accessibility if not already in place. Guidance on preserving and sharing research data.

When submitting for publication:

  1. Acknowledge any source of grant funding in your output. Guidance on acknowledging funders.
  2. Identify where and how associated research data can be accessed by adding a data access statement in your publication.
  3. Acknowledge affiliation to Lancaster University.

At the point of acceptance for publication:

  1. Ensure you retain a copy of the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM).
  2. Deposit a record of the research data output in Pure. This must be within 3 months of acceptance to meet HEFCE requirements for future REF submissions. Support pages for Pure.
  3. Follow the guidance on Pure submission forms, completing all highlighted fields.
  4. Upload AAM (in PDF format) and select the licence under which this will be made available. This should be either CC-BY or CC-BY-NC to meet REF and RCUK requirements. Guidance on Licences.
  5. Link your publication with the associated dataset if your publication has underlying data that needs to be shared.

Note: During validation of Pure submissions, the Library will enrich records by adding information such as additional authors, abstract, embargoes, public access to file and publisher rights statements. Authors do not have to complete these fields.

When completing the publication process:

  1. Apply for Open Access funding if your research is RCUK funded.
  2. Select a compliant licence (CC-BY for RCUK funded publications, CC-BY or CC-BY-NC for REF compliance) if you are publishing as Gold Open Access.
  3. Seek to retain copyright and other re-use rights when signing agreements with publishers.