Access your data

Do you always work in the same office or lab? Are you always on campus? If not, you'll need remote access to your data. Find below advice on how to access your data from various locations.

Few researchers always work in the same location, so you might have to think about how you access your data remotely.

You will probably also be sharing files with others, either as part of a project or through routine information. See our guidance on sharing with colleagues.

In addition to accessing your own data, you may want to access existing sources of data and make sure you are familiar with our guidance on how to store your data

Once you have accessed other data sets you might like to cite them in your publication. See our data citation page to learn more.

Accessing your work on campus

The easiest way to access your work will be on your office computer. If your office computer is connected to the internet you will have access to your personal filestore (H: Drive), departmental filestore and research data storage (if you have been allocated some). 

So long as you are a member of the University, you will also be able to access your work on the PC Labs on our campus.

Accessing your work off campus

Researchers can access their personal filestore (H: drive) and both personal filestore and departmental shared filestore via the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Staff can access their Office computers remotely (as if sitting in front of the computer) using remote desktop software.

ISS have an extensive guide on how to work off campus on Lancaster Answers.