Access other data

Whether you want to find data to reuse for your research, or archive your own data for the long-term, you'll need to know what data archive services are available in your field. 

You might like to build your research on data already available or to complement or enrich your own research. 

Data centres

There are many data services available, depending on your research area, and the list is growing. Here are some links to places you can search for data across a number of archives, and places you can find lists of specific archives to search.

Funding bodies with their own data centres

Other data centres or directories

  •, UK government public data
  • OpenDOAR, the Directory of Open Access Repositories
  • Registry of Research Data Repositories, a catalogue of research data repositories
  • DataCite, an international not-for-profit organisation which aims to improve visibility of data 
  • Figshare, a general purpose repository including data sets
  • Zenodo, another general purpose repository for all fields of science. Zenodo accepts closed access uploads.

Use of third party data

If you use data owned by a third party (copyright material, software or database), you need to understand the terms under which these are obtained and the scope of use. It is necessary to obtain permission from the data owner for re-use of such material, unless conditions of re-use have been explicitly indicated, for example, with a Creative Commons licence.

If you use data from one of the data centres mentioned above, they will have clear license agreements. Please familiarise yourself with any terms and conditions. You may also find that the terms of use of some data services, such as Census statistics, require you to deposit derived work with them.  When depositing data in a repository you will be required to agree to a licence that asserts you have the rights to deposit that data.

Please note that you might have to specify the use of existing data in your data management plan.