Organise your data

With a little planning, you can make your data files easy to store, find and reuse. Failing to organise, however, can render data unusable.

University data storage

The best place to store your research data while you gather and work with it is one of the University’s filestores. See our data storage guide.

Choosing formats

In planning a research project, it’s important that you consider which file formats you will use to store your data. Please read our help on choosing file formats and how your choice effects the usability and long term readability of files.

Naming and folders

Research data can easily become disorganised if a proper set of file naming protocols are not developed. Creating appropriate file and folder structures will save time, avoid loss of data, allow re-use of the data, and assist in accurate location of data in the future. Please consult our file naming guide.

Documentation and metadata

Good documentation and metadata makes material understandable, verifiable, and reusable. See our help on documentation and metadata

Backup and security

Safe storage of your working data with regular backup is essential during your research project. Please read our backup and security guide to see your options.