Using EndNote Online

Signing up for an account

  1. Go to If you are off-campus click on Sign in via your Institution/Shibboleth login.  Select UK Federation from the drop down list under  Institutional (Shibboleth) Users Sign In.  Navigate to the Lancaster University login page and sign in with your network login details.  Then click on Sign Up and create your EndNote Online account
  2. You can use any email address as your login name; it does not need to be a Lancaster email address.
  3. Be sure to adhere to the password guidelines - at least 8 characters, a letter, a number and one from a list of symbols.

If you only use EndNote Online off-campus, your account will expire after a year and will become a basic free account which has less functionality - including fewer styles. For increased functionality, you need to reactivate it by logging in on-campus. 

Collecting references

There are four ways of entering information about sources into your EndNote library:

  1. manual entry - typing the information in
  2. online search - connecting through EndNote to a range of catalogues and databases
  3. exporting information from a database directly to EndNote
  4. exporting information from a database to EndNote via a text file

You will not need to use method 1 very frequently, but you will need to use it for resources like web pages. Method 2 works well when you have a list of resources that you want to enter quickly into EndNote. Method 3 is good for integrating your search for materials with your use of EndNote. It works best with Web of Knowledge and Ebsco databases.

Our EndNote Online Web Quick Start Guide will give you more information about the different methods. 

Alternatively, these videos from EndNote cover how to collect references, download the link to Word, the Cite While You Write plugin and cite references in your documents.


Collecting References



Installing EndNote Online Plug-Ins for Windows 


Installing EndNote Online Plug-Ins for Mac


Citing references using EndNote


Linking to Word

If you are using EndNote Online on your own pc or laptop, you will need to download the Cite While You Write plugin. You access this via Options - Download Installers. When you have done this, you will have a tab on the right of your Word document saying EndNote Online which enables you to search for, insert and edit citations.

Browser Add On for Internet Explorer

When you download the CiteWhile You Write plugin, you will also install an extension to Internet Explorer which enables you to export references directly to EndNote Online from a range of databases including Google Scholar (You need to amend your Scholar preferences to recognise EndNote bibliographic software). You will see the plugin listed on the Add on bar and you can manage it via Tools.

Organising references

You can copy references from your EndNote library into groups to organise your references if you wish. You can also share groups with others who have an EndNote Online account - this is useful if you are collaborating in the production of a paper, as citing from the same library reduces the likelihood of problems in the reference list.

Storage for pdfs etc

Your EndNote Online account will give you access to 2 Gb of cloud storage for pdfs, Word documents, images etc. If you link your EndNote Online account with EndNote desktop on campus, unlimited storage is available.