Deposit Your Research Data

Depositing your data with Lancaster University's research data repository Pure keeps it preserved for at least 10 years and increases its visibility. Data becomes available (subject to embargo periods and access restrictions) for download on our Research Directory.

Pure allows you to deposit and publish your datasets easily. There are no restrictions on file type and size (although if individual data files are larger than 20GB please get in touch before depositing). We recommend using Google Chrome when uploading as other browsers have upload restrictions.

In order to deposit your data please do the following:

  1. Log into Pure:
  2. On your Pure personal overview page, the Datasets option is at the bottom of the left hand menu. Clicking the + button will allow you to add a new dataset. A new template will open up for you to add details of the dataset.
  3. Any fields with a red * must be completed. These are Title, People, Dataset managed by, Publisher and Date made available. Your record will not save unless you have filled them in. Please fill in other fields if you think they will be useful.
  4. In the Data availability section you can add your data files to Electronic data. All file formats are accepted and you can add multiple files at once.
  5. Please choose an appropriate Data Licence (CC-BY or other)and Type (eg Dataset, Image) to all files. Click OK.
  6. In Relations to other content, link your dataset to Publications, Projects or other Datasets in Pure.
  7. At the bottom of the page under Status, save the record as For Validation.

You will receive a DOI for your dataset record within 2 working days. You need the DOI to reference your dataset in a Data Access Statement in your publication.

There is an extensive guide to Adding a dataset to Pure (pdf) if you need more information on how to deposit data into Pure.