Get Research Data Management Support

Our RDM support team is happy to help!

Research Data Management (RDM) is not a simple issue. RDM presents many challenges and raises many questions throughout the research lifecycle, from the moment an idea forms to the completion of research, publication, and subsequent use of findings to inform sharing of ideas and stimulate new research.

Our RDM support team consists of members of the Library, Research Services Office and ISS, so we can help you in many ways.

If you have questions regarding Research Data Management please contact:

Typical services we can offer

  • Data management plan (DMP) review: DMPs are now part of most grant applications, and the University expects you to have a DMP even if you are internally funded. If you want us to look through your plan and give recommendations for improvement we are ready to do so! Please allow us 2 working days for a thorough review but get in touch even if you have a tight deadline. You can also book a 1-1 support session if you want us to talk you through how a DMP works.
  • Data storage and security: It is crucial that your research data are stored securely and backed up routinely in line with ISS advice. Where this is not practical, ISS can support you to develop bespoke solutions. If you are unsure where to store your data, volume of data, how to backup data, then email us with your question.
  • Data publishing: Not too sure where to deposit your data? Please tell us about your research and we will help you to identify the right place to publish your data. We can also help you publishing your data using Pure.
  • Training: We offer regular RDM related training, check the Library Training and Events page.
  • 1-1 support: New to Research Data Management? Never written a DMP? Contact us and arrange a face to face support session discussing your individual needs.
  • Group support: Does your research team or students need to know how to organize and manage data? Do you need help understanding the finer details of funder requirements? Please get in touch and we can organise a training session.