Funder Expectations

Data management is a key element of the research process. This is why your funder expects you to think about data management very early in your research planning stage.

Planning is Essential

Most major research funders now require some form of documentation at the application stage, to explain how the applicant plans to manage any research data they will create. The extent and detail of these policies can vary, and they are summarised on this page.

Even if no planning is required from a funder, Lancaster University requires that you complete a DMP, and advice on this, the concept of DMPs in general and support available can be found here: Lancaster University Data Management Planning

Data expectations of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

“Preparation of a DMP should normally be integral to the planning of a project that is wholly or partially funded by any of the Research Councils, whether or not it is required as part of the formal research grant application. Not all Research Councils require a DMP to be submitted with a grant application; some require an outline plan with the application which is then converted to a full plan in the event that a grant is awarded. Where a full or outline DMP is required by a Research Council as part of a research grant application it will be subject to review.”

Source: UKRI – Open Research (includes data policies)

There is a new UKRI Open Access policy which will come into effect on 1st April 2022 and this has implications for data expectations.

All articles must include a data access statement even where there are no data associated with the article or the data are inaccessible. Please note that a direction for interested parties to contact the author is not normally sufficient for a data access statement . This new policy replaces a previous strong encouragement for a data access statement with a requirement.

Please select your Research Council below to see a summary of the relevant data expectations, and get further links for help and guidance.


Data expectations from other Funding Bodies

See below for data expectations from other important funders. Please get in touch with if your funder is not listed or you have any other questions regarding Research Data Management requirements.