Research Intelligence

We provide intelligence that can inform you of the academic impact and influence of your research, using publication data, citations analysis and altmetrics. This can help with choosing where to publish, finding collaborators and plays a supporting role in funding bids, benchmarking of current practice and evidencing your research strengths. We use Scopus and SciVal data to provide this information and can also deliver training sessions on these tools.

Altmetric Explorer - new platform launch

Altmetric Explorer is an intuitive platform that enables you to monitor the global online attention surrounding academic research. As a member of Lancaster University, you can browse individual authors or departments within the University, as well as using the full Altmetric database to track work from other Universities. 

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What can Research Intelligence do for you?

Research Intelligence can support you in many ways. Some common uses are detailed below, but please email with any queries and we will be happy to advise.