Altmetric Explorer

Altmetric Explorer is an intuitive platform that enables you to monitor the global online attention surrounding academic research. As a member of Lancaster University, you can browse individual authors or departments within the University, as well as using the full Altmetric database to track work from other Universities.

To complement traditional research metrics, altmetrics offer a near real-time picture of the attention that research is gaining online. The Explorer pulls in several sources, including (but not limited to) policy and patent citations and social media mentions. This enables researchers to see their reach, and importantly see where research has not achieved expected reach to take steps to increase attention.

The following videos introduce altmetrics and the attention score, with further information as expandable text below. Training can be booked via the link at the end of this page. This webpage is still under development, so feedback is welcomed to

Departmental Altmetric Explorer Reports

Two reports for each Department can be accessed on this page. The first looks at mentions for all departmental publications over the previous 12 months (from today's date). The second looks at the same timeframe, but for Open Access publications only. Both reports are updated daily. 

Departmental Altmetric Reports