Conferences are a key way of disseminating information in many subjects. Here we provide resources to help you find published conference proceedings and conference posters, and discover forthcoming conferences.

Finding published conference proceedings

Many of our specialist databases include conference proceedings, such as the IEEE and ACM. You’ll also find papers from major conferences in general databases such as Web of Science and SCOPUS. The British Library’s ZETOC service includes a very wide range of conferences, including some small and very specialist gatherings.

Finding posters and other unpublished conference materials

Many papers and posters presented at conferences are never published. However, they may be cited by people who attended the conference or got a copy of the paper from the author or discussant or someone else who was there. Sometimes you may find that the author has published the substance of the paper in a later work, meaning that you no longer need the conference paper. However if this doesn't apply, you can:

  • Search to see if a version of the paper is in an institutional repository
  • Contact the author direct to request a copy of the paper

Forthcoming conferences and calls for papers

Conference organisers often issue a “call for papers” to invite other academics to submit their work. This information is disseminated in various ways, including email lists, and there are several websites which bring this information together.

WikiCFP is a semantic wiki for Calls For Papers in science and technology fields.

The H-Net - the Humanities and Social Sciences Network Online - provides a list of "calls for papers" in a wide range of disciplines across the world.

The English Department at The University of Pennsylvania maintains an list of "calls for papers", mainly in the areas of language and literature is a directory focusing on conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, workshops, events and business meetings.

Conference Alerts provides a searchable online database and a monthly alerts service to help you stay informed about forthcoming academic and professional events.

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