The music of Jack Hylton

Jack Hylton and his Orchestra were the height of popular music from the 1920’s to the 1940’s

Orchestral Parts

Orchestral Parts lists the individual orchestral instrumental accompaniments mainly from show productions from the 1940s onwards.  

Band Parts

Band Parts lists the individual instrumental band parts mainly from the 1920-1940 period used by Jack Hylton and his Orchestra.

We are still in the process of listing the orchestral parts so please consult us if you have an orchestral or band enquiry.

Band Members

This list of Band Members covers the period of 1920-1940 when the band was active. Only members who made recordings with Jack Hylton appear in the list. Other band members would need to be investigated further via our Press Cuttings. 


This list of Arrangers of music for Jack Hylton covers the years 1925 – 1939.


We have lists of individual track recordings that we hold in our archive.  They are either on the original 78 records or have been transferred on to CD.

Click on the links below to listen to some of the recordings of Jack Hylton and his Orchestra.‌


Download: MP3 Audio

I Lift Up My Finger and I Say Tweet Tweet

Download: MP3 Audio

Happy Days Are Here Again

Download: MP3 Audio

Me and Jane In A Plane

Download: MP3 Audio

Piccolo Pete

Download: MP3 Audio

Why Did She Fall For The Leader Of The Band?

Download: MP3 Audio

Items from the archive may be used by appointment only.