Theses and Dissertations in Progress

Finding out about theses and dissertations in progress is not easy.  There are a number of listings, many concentrating on a particular subject or geographical area.  The links below cover some of them.  Many of the listings are not updated frequently.

Do remember though that people often change the topic of their thesis during the course of their research.  Many students do not complete on time and there is no guarantee that someone who registered to do a particular subject will in fact produce written work which you can read.

If you know of departments and institutions working in your field, do investigate their websites.

UK Research Councils – all list the projects they are funding. A search of their Gateway to Research databases will help you to identify current and completed research awards, including publications and theses. – Theses in progress in France, from 2001 onwards.

Current Legal Research Topics Database – is maintained by the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies. It aims to cover theses in preparation in the UK in the field of legal research and is updated annually.

Theses in Progress in Commonwealth Studies 2013 – covers UK universities and is updated annually.

History On-Line: Theses in Progress – is a service from the Institute for Historical Research, which covers the UK and Ireland.