Library Digitisation Service

Request scanned copies of print originals (book extracts, journal articles, etc) for your students through our Digitisation Service.

The library offers a digitisation service, where we supply fully accessible scans of book chapters, journal articles and other materials that can then be uploaded to Moodle or Leganto resource lists. These scans are officially sanctioned by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and are provided in the form of URL links through a service called the Digital Content Store (DCS).

Scans must meet stringent criteria in order to comply with the CLA license. A summary is provided in the FAQs, below. More information is also available on our copyright pages.


  • How do I place a request for a digitisation?

    Requests should be placed using the Request a Resource form.

    • Choose ‘A course I teach’
    • Select the resource type
    • Choose Faculty, Department and Module. If the module is not listed, please e-mail your request to
    • Choose level of importance
    • Complete the form (fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory)
    • By default, the link will be e-mailed to you
    • If you would like us to upload it straight to Moodle or Leganto for you, please indicate in the ‘Other Details’ box
  • Does the library need to own the item in order to copy from it?

    Yes – the library must own a copy of the item, either in electronic or print format. If we do not already own a copy, we will try and order one for stock, preferably in electronic format.

    If we are unable to purchase a copy, or the item is a journal article that is not a part of our electronic subscriptions, we will attempt to obtain a copyright-fee paid copy from the British Library.

  • How much can I request to be copied?

    There are strict limits imposed by the CLA on how much can be copied. These relate to individual courses.


    • 10% of the total number of pages OR 1 chapter (whichever is greater)
    • If a journal article, we can scan 1 article from a single issue

    Please note, occasionally a publisher does not allow a resource to be copied under the CLA license – if this is the case, we would only be able to supply 5% of the total pages.

  • How will digitisation requests be delivered?

    You will receive your digitisation request via an official URL in the following format:[Request_number]

    Please ensure that students access the scan through this link.

    Please note: Don’t open the link and copy the URL from the address bar – each time the link is opened it generates a unique web address that will shortly expire.

  • Can I share the scan with students on other courses?

    No – the link provided is unique to one course and must not be shared with students on other courses. If you want to request a link for a different course, please make a new request using the Request a Resource form.

  • If I already have a copy of the scan as a PDF, and the library owns the resource, can I simply share it with students?

    No – all scans need to be provided via an official link. Also, CLA regulations state that we must keep a record of all scans provided to students and we must ensure that scans fall within the limits mentioned above. If you already have a copy of the scan in PDF format, make a resource request anyway and we will supply an official link.

  • What about items that the library already offers electronic access to?

    If the library already offers electronic access to an item, there is no need to make a resource request. Please try and link to the item, either through:

    • OneSearch (preferable)

    Find the item and create a Permalink, which you can share with others.

    • Direct from the database / resource

    Follow the OneSearch link to the item and either copy the URL, or find the option to create a permalink.

    If linking this way, please ensure that the URL includes our ezproxy authentication (usually stated in the URL), or advise the student to access via the VPN.

    If you have problems linking to an item, contact us at

  • Can I share, or link to, any resource I find for free on the internet?