Library Digitisation Service

Request scanned copies of print originals (book extracts and journal articles) for your students through our Digitisation Service

The digitisation service can provide high quality licence-compliant scans from print originals for your students to access on Moodle. Our scans are accessible for students with disabilities and comply with our licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency which governs how scanned material can be made available in higher education.

Use the service to:

  • Extend access to core readings for your students via Moodle/Resource Lists
  • Save your time in the provision of readings for students
  • Protect the University against the reputational and legal consequences of potential CLA licence infringements

Place your digitisation requests online

Select Article Request or Book Request and complete the form. We will check the licence terms, scan the item and send you a link which you can place on Moodle or add to your Resource List.

If we are unable to scan the item we will contact you to discuss alternative resources.