Teaching and Learning

Library staff can work with you to ensure that information skills development is embedded at key stages in your modules

Contact the Library via academicliaison@lancaster.ac.uk and a member of our Teaching and Learning Team will work with you to address the needs of your students.

The Teaching and Learning Team offer the following range of taught sessions and workshops.

All sessions are tailored to your subject area and can be adapted. 

Embedding library and wider literature searching strategy training into our programme has enabled students to develop their skills at a pace they find helpful and at relevant points in their studies

Hannah Morgan, Lecturer, Social Work

Introduction to the Library

This session provides a basic introduction to Library services for your students.

Key areas covered

  • Range of print and online resources
  • OneSearch basics
  • Subject Guides
  • Study environments
  • Friendly and professional help


20 minutes


This session is recommended for new students and is designed to help them get started.

Learning outcomes

  • Students will be able to access OneSearch and perform a basic search
  • Students will recognise the range of information available to them from the Library
  • Students will be able to find their Subject Guide
  • Students will have an appreciation of the various study spaces available to them
  • Students will know that they can get help in various ways

Request this session

Email academicliaison@lancaster.ac.uk to request this session for your module or programme.