Lost books and replacement charges

If you lose or damage a book or other item or it is very overdue, you will be charged for a replacement.

Replacement charges 

The following charges may be incurred:

  • Administration charge - £10.00 per item (including VAT)
  • Binding charge - £5.00 per item (including VAT)
  • Replacement cost;
    • in print items - cost of latest edition (paperback if available)
    • out of print items - average cost of new academic textbook in the relevant subject
  • Any outstanding fines

If a book or other item is more than six weeks overdue (12 weeks during the summer vacation) or you have left the university with outstanding books, you will be invoiced for them as outlined above.  Recalled books and 24 hour loan items will be invoiced when they are two weeks overdue.

If you tell us you have returned an item that is still on your library account but we cannot find it on the shelves, we will assume it was not returned and invoice you four weeks after you informed us.

If you subsequently return an invoiced item and we have not yet purchased another copy, the replacement and binding charges are waived. However, you will still need to pay the administration charge and any fines. 

For information on how to pay an invoice, please see Paying fines and other charges.

Can I buy my own replacement copy? 

If you wish, you can provide us with a new copy of a book yourself rather than pay for a replacement as you may be able to buy a copy more cheaply. However, you must adhere to these conditions:

  • The item must be the same as the title that was lost, stolen or damaged, ie the same author, title, publisher and ISBN (although it is acceptable to replace a hardback with a paperback).If the title is in print, you must provide a new copy of the latest edition (even if the item you are replacing is an older edition).
  • If the title is out of print, you can replace it with a second hand copy of the same edition or a later one. It must be unmarked internally (eg no annotations or highlighting) and be in an 'as new' or 'excellent' condition.
  • You will still have to pay the binding charge if your replacement copy is a paperback, the administration charge and any fines. 

The library reserves the right to refuse to accept an item if it does not fit the conditions above and to invoice you for a replacement. Please contact us at library@lancaster.ac.uk or tel: +44 (0) 1524 592516 before buying a replacement if you have any concerns about whether it will be acceptable.