Interlending and Document Supply (IDS)

If you can’t find the book or article you need in the library or electronically, you can request it through the Interlending and Document Supply (IDS) service.

If you can’t locate a book, journal article, conference paper or other item in the library or electronically, you can request it through our IDS service and we will try and obtain it from the British Library or another library for you.

We can't obtain unpublished documents and archives. Expensive market reports are seldom available on loan. Books published before 1900, maps, DVDs and videos can be tricky.

Who can use the IDS service?

Staff and postgraduates.

Undergraduates are not routinely allowed to make IDS requests as you should be able to find resources to support your course in the library. If you need something that isn’t in the library or available electronically, please contact the Academic Services Team.  You can also suggest the library buys a specific book by completing our Recommend a Purchase form. 

Associate and External Borrowers are not allowed to make IDS requests. Your local public library or the library at your place of work or college should be able to help you.

Contact Info

Telephone: +44 (0) 1524 5-92516