Renewing and returning an IDS book

You may be able to renew an IDS book, but as the Library can be charged for renewals, we ask you to return your book by its due date. If you do still need the book, please contact us:

You cannot renew IDS books in My Account or at a self-service point.

Please return books to the information point during staffed service hours.

Recalled books

Sometimes a library needs a book back early. We will email you and allow you at least a week to return it. If you are going away and would be unable to return a book if it were recalled, please leave it with us in case it is recalled in your absence.

Overdue, lost or damaged books

The library does not fine readers for the late return of IDS books but we will pass on to you any charges levied on us for the late return of books or for items that are lost or damaged. In the case of books or journals borrowed from the British Library, the minimum charge for a lost item can be in excess of £100.