Supervisors in Contemporary Arts

Read about our tutors who specialise in Contemporary Arts. Typically, the PhD Contemporary Arts scheme is designed for students whose PhD research spans multiple disciplines, such as someone who is examining the intersections of Arts & Design, or Film & Theatre Studies.

Further information about the PhD Contemporary Arts scheme can be found on our course pages.

Profile picture of Dr Carlos Lopez-Galviz

Dr Carlos Lopez-Galviz

I welcome proposals in any topic that speak to the broad areas of history, urban studies, and arts and heritage. I encourage proposals that are comparative, engage in a dialogue across disciplines, and have an international dimension. In particular, I'd be keen on discussing projects that explore the relationship between history and the future.

Further information can be found on Dr Carlos Lopez-Galviz's web profile.

Profile picture of Professor Judith Mottram

Professor Judith Mottram

My research interests include colour, drawing and pattern, and the inter-relationships between subject knowledge, creativity, research and practice. I have supervised doctorates on drawing, computational pattern and complexity, and on artistic reputations, strategy and the art market. I also have an interest in craft and textiles, particularly Welsh tapestry (‘carthenni’). I am a panelist on the 2021 UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) for Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory, a Fellow of the Design Research Society, and on the editorial boards of the Journal of Visual Arts Practice (JVAP), the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, and the Journal of the International Colour Association (JAIC).

Full information can be found on Professor Judith Mottram's web profile.